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    The Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage and with it the need to respect the various rules put in place by the different governments. In France, the practice of golf remains authorized. However, access to changing rooms and restaurants is forbidden. The pro-shop, like any non-food shop, is open according to the reception hours.

    Regarding travel and access to the golf course, French residents are not subject to any travel restrictions. However, this is not the case for Swiss residents. Here is a reminder of the restrictions on entry to France:

    Usually, Swiss residents, like all travellers coming from a European country, are allowed to enter France, provided they respect a few measures:

    They must have a negative PCR test dating back to less than 72 hours, as well as a statement on their honour, attesting to the fact that they do not have any symptoms of covid-19 infection, that they are not aware of having been in contact with a confirmed case of covid-19 in the fourteen days preceding their trip, and (for people aged 11 and over) that they accept that a virological screening test or biological examination for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 can be carried out on arrival in France.

    However, the following cases are exceptions:

    1° Travelling for less than 24 hours within a perimeter defined by a radius of 30 kilometres around the place of residence;

    2° Business trips whose urgency or frequency is incompatible with the performance of such a test;

    3° Travel by road transport professionals in the exercise of their activity.

    Thus, golfing activities within the limit of 30 kilometres as the crow flies lends itself to exception n°1. Here is a map illustrating the towns included in the 30 km radius authorised around the Golf de LaLargue:



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